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Who We Are:

In 1991, Erin Maher founded a promotional marketing company, called Lagniappe Promotions. The word Lagniappe has its roots from New Orleans, and means “unexpected gift” or “something extra”. Being that she was from there, she always strived to make sure that her clients received a little Lagniappe. Today, the company is called LPromos, a shortened version which is easier to pronounce and spell. It’s still the same meaning, and Erin and her team is still giving a little Lagniappe with every client she works with.

Let’s get this straight, we’re not a stuffy corporation. We’re a family business, and that just means that we treat our clients like family, and every relationship is personal. This also means that we’re adaptable to any client of any size, and no order is too big or small. The way we like to describe ourselves is that we’re a National Company with a Local Flair. Our affiliation with Kaeser & Blair, a Top 10 distributor recognized by the Advertising Specialty Institute, gives us buying power, capital freedom, and first rate service by our suppliers. Let’s just say “you’re in good company with us” when it comes to our association with the Kaeser & Blair family. The local flair comes from our office, LPROMOS, where you’re able to get 25 years of expertise and creativity from the experts. The primary industries we serve are Healthcare, Defense, and Education.

LPromos is active in giving back to the local community, to include Meals on Wheels, the Carousel Center, and Wounded Warriors. Erin is still the principal owner, and overseas all aspects of the “Lagniappe” experience, making sure that she does that “something extra” for her clients.

Why Work with Us:

We come to the table with 25 years of experience in working with companies both large and small. With a passion for following trends and cool new products, we strive to get people talking about your brand. Our custom sourcing enables direct overseas pricing, and one-of-a-kind branding.

Our first conversation will involve a great deal of listening to your vision, understanding your audience, timelines, and troubleshooting the projects objectives. We then develop tactical strategies to put your brand’s best foot forward. Every step of the way, you’re involved with the selection process, and most importantly, the branding. We create passion for your brand, not just fancy promo products. At the end of the day, we want to know that your audience “loved the swag”!!!

We also have a fierce commitment to design consistency, guidelines and continuity. We know the value of a strong brand, and never take that for granted.

Our Staff:

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